André Schwarz is a trained information electronics technician, studied computer science and electrical engineering, and holds an academic degree in Bachelor of Arts (Hons.).

He has been working in the large format printing industry since 2007 and was able to gain a lot of interesting experience in various positions and get to know the industry from different perspectives (retail, manufacturer and service provider).
As a result he has a very broad and deep expertise.

André Schwarz has experience with all common printers, ink technologies, software solutions and printing materials.
In addition, he has built a large international network of manufacturers and customers.

His strengths include customer- and solution-oriented and above all practical and structured working methods, a high degree of technical interest and understanding, a high and quick comprehension as well as passion, loyalty and joy at work.

Independent work and a strong sense of business are also among the characteristics that distinguish him.

In 2020 André Schwarz decided to start his own business and founded Schwarz Consulting.

The maxim of Schwarz Consulting is to not only meet the customers‘ expectations but to exceed them. The target is to provide a special added value beyond the agreed service.

Particular attention is paid to the values ​​of trust, honesty, transparency, reliability and respect.


The digital printing industry is highly innovative, constantly changing and evolving. This industry is consolidating, which has a big impact on all connected players in the market. The margins are decreasing, the quality expectations at customer side are getting higher and the overall competition is getting stronger.

To be competitive print service provider require high quality equipment and optimized, automated and standardized workflows.

In the productions and work processes at many print service providers, there is potential to improve efficiency in order to get the most out of the existing infrastructure.

Trainings are particularly important if there are change processes or crises in the company. In view of the ever shorter innovation cycles, change processes have become a permanent condition for many companies. Therefore, print service providers have to involve and train their employees so that they can actively implement these changes.

Standardized and simplified processes, optimally used machines and, above all, well-trained employees increase motivation and identification. In addition, the cost reduction potential can be used and contribute significantly to the company’s success.

The Schwarz Consulting  services assist to save time, material, ink, increase employee motivation and customer satisfaction and to be successful as a company.

Each customer has different demands on the advisory service and therefore needs individual support. André Schwarz only conveys services to his customers that he stands for himself. The goal is to create added value for companies and people. Honesty and trust are the essential quality in order to be able to help customers sustainably.

Curriculum Vitae

Color Concepts B.V., Rotterdam (NL)
Business Development Manager / Professional Service Manager / Project Manager / Senior Consultant
2017 – 2020

Color Concepts operates the largest independent profiling and test laboratories in the professional large format digital printing industry in Rotterdam (NL) and Salt Lake City (Utah, USA). With state-of-the-art equipment and direct access to approx. 45 current printing systems with all common ink technologies and software solutions, Color Concepts offers qualification- and certification-programs, technical support, training programs and supports research and development departments with product and beta tests for printers, software, printing materials and color measurement devices. With ColorBase, Color Concepts owns the world’s largest database for profile and printer settings.

A.Berger Textilwarenfabrik GmbH, Krefeld
Product Manager / Head of Marketing / Technical Sales Manager
2014 – 2017

A. Berger GmbH, is a modern, growing textile manufacturer with branches in Germany, USA and China. Around 30 people are employed at the headquarters in Krefeld, Germany. Bergertextiles is a world leading provider for digital printing textiles, stage and event decoration as well as processing.

ComPlott Papier Union GmbH, Mettmann
Product Manager Software + Hardware / Technical Sales / Sales Assitance / Support
2009 – 2013

ComPlott Papier Union GmbH is one of the leading resellers for large format printing systems in Germany with offices in Düsseldorf, Munich and Frankfurt. ComPlott is a sales company within the Papier Union GmbH, one of the leading companies in the German paper business with an annual turnover of more than € 580 million and 800 employees.

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Digital transformation

The print is dead – long live the print


A world without print is impossible! Packaging, advertising, newspapers, posters and much more will never disappear. Prints are always and everywhere available (even without electricity) and have a higher credibility than digital content. In times of fleeting information, printing is the manifestation of knowledge.


With worldwide sales of over $ 2.7 trillion, printing is one of the largest industries and, despite all the doomed calls, is still a growing market.
BUT – The Internet has changed the rules for every business. Even for printing.


The new slogan is – digital transformation (analog -> digital)


In 2020, phrases such as „what can be digitized will be digitized“ and „whoever does not go with the times goes with the times“ are still valid.
Print service providers have to realize that digitization takes place WITH or WITHOUT them!
Old business models have to be questioned. The days of static business models are over!
The aphorism is: GO ONLINE !!! GO DIGITAL !!!


„Digital“ does not stop at the printer, but only begins there.
It must contain all business areas – CRM; MIS / ERP; E-commerce; customer communication; File and project management; prepress; production, processing; …
New technologies and artificial intelligence have made many things obsolete, but they are still used / applied because transformation processes are not consequent implemented.
Processes and communications must be standardized and automated.
Digital value chains must be built and used. You can learn and copy a lot from Amazon and online printers.


Customers have defined their own communication standard already – the smartphone and Google.
Digital awareness is therefore becoming increasingly important in the printing industry.


Print service providers must put learning at the center of their actions!


Transformation is only possible in a team! and everything has to be questioned.
Transformation process:

  • Where do I stand with my company, where do I want to go?
  • master plan; Where should the company be in 5 years?
  • Form teams and distribute skills; include external support
  • define, learn, accept and apply new rules
  • Mobilize, motivate and involve employees
  • Implement the master plan step by step


You can’t and don’t have to know everything yourself, you just have to know who you can ask.
Schwarz Consulting is on hand to offer advice and practical help with the exciting challenges.


published March 2020 by André Schwarz